I will be adding a list of tools for sale
through my website in June or July
2014.  You will be able to watch a tool
tailgating video and there will be a
corresponding list of tools on this site.  
Order method will be via email with an
email or PayPal invoice confirmation.

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List and Video

You can also buy tools online from
WVTools through my Ebay Store.

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I list several references in my tool descriptions.  
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Tools For Sale
Tools for Sale --

All items purchased from
through this website or my Ebay Store come with an
unconditional money back guarantee, often including return shipping.  Excessive returns
by a party may result in a revocation of these policies on a case by case basis.

Most items sold through the website include free U.S. shipping.  If shipping is not included,
then it will be noted in the item descpriton.  
Shipping cost is provided in my Ebay listings for
U. S. sales; International orders are charged tool cost plus shipping
, handling, and Ebay
shipping charge fees
.  I usually use USPS, but sometimes use UPS for heavier items.

My grading system is a fairly simple combination of different systems I have seen over the
years.  I  use the following categories:  fine, very good, good plus, good minus, fair, and
poor.  I often give a bracket of grades, such as good minus to fair.  I have not devised an
intricate system like I have seen for some tools like planes that goes into great detail about
percentage of finish, working parts, etc., because it is hard to adapt a system like that to a
wide range of tool types.

Most tools of interest to a collector will be good plus to fine.  Most tools that have seen use
and still have some left fall in the good to good minus range.  Tools in the fair to poor range
are either just for an example until you find something better or for parts.  

I try be conservative when grading tools.  I grade very few tools higher than good plus.  I will
try to list the percentage of finish and other characteristics that will help you understand the
condition of the tool, where applicable.  You can look at my feedback on Ebay (ID - wvtools)
to get an ID on how I grade, pack, and resolve problems.  I have over 500 positives, no

References cited both on this website and in my Yahoo Store can be found at the following
References cited in tool descriptions.