This page will contain a list of tools for sale, along with
a tool tailgating video.  This feature will be coming in
August or September 2014.

Order method will be as follows.

1.  Click on email link, and email me list of tools you
want to buy.  Please specify payment method -- PayPal,
check (tool club members only; M-WTCA, EAIA, Patina,
Crafts, etc), or USPS money order.

2.  I will check on availability of item based on other
recent orders, and email you a confirmation.  If paying
by PayPal, I will send you a PayPal invoice.

I realize that this method will take a little longer and
some tools may have already been purchased, but this
method will allow me to reduce the fees associated with
online direct sales and allow me to keep the tool costs

5.00 Tools -- Tray 9
Tool Video